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Our Story

A need for reliable everyday wellness

Many years of working in the pain-related medical space led Alethiah’s founder, Antonio Castellanos III, to hemp oil. Antonio watched as hemp oil reduced the amount and intensity of symptoms experienced by a chronic migraine sufferer in the span of just two weeks. The phenomenal results of the hemp oil spurred Antonio to learn everything he could about cannabinoids and, ultimately, find the highest-quality product for those close to him. What he also found was an unregulated “Wild West” market – even the most popular hemp oil brands were inconsistent in their formulas and potency. Given Antonio’s experience in the healthcare sector, he was alarmed at the amount of false information being spread and the lack of patient education being provided.

Antonio realized the need for a transparent, consistent and research driven wellness-focused company. As a patient and healthcare executive, Antonio partnered with industry-leading authorities and their combined efforts produced the high-quality phyto-cannabinoid products that Antonio was searching for from the beginning.

Alethiah was born.


The Alethiah Advantage

One step above the rest

The Hemp Oil industry is full of options – that’s why we strive to provide you with only the highest-quality, custom formulas and services.

We’ve teamed up with doctors, researchers, and healthcare professionals to empower consumers through cannabinoid education and to ensure that our products are based on the latest scientific findings.

About Our Products and Services

Safe. Effective. Pure.


  • Hemp sourced from family farms in Colorado and co-op farms in northern Europe
  • Free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers
  • CO2 extracted
  • Non-GMO
  • Minimally processed
  • Non-psychoactive
Alethiah tinctures


Health is more than just a product – it’s a lifestyle. That’s why Alethiah provides services to guide you through your wellness journey, finding the cannabinoid therapy that works best for your body.

Product Testing

At Alethiah, we take the truth very seriously – it’s in our name. That’s why we uphold rigorous standards for our products and perform regular product testing.