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Here at Alethiah, we’ve put together a panel of experts from the medical, legal and research communities to help us keep you up-to-date on all of the latest cannabinoid science and news. Our advisors have carefully curated articles designed to help anyone and everyone dechiper the truth behind cannabinoids, plain and simple.

A Brief History Of Hemp

by Dr. Daneshvari Solanki

Hemp has been used in the United States for a long time for its fiber and also as a food supplement. Attitude towards its cultivation changed, however, in the early 1900s when the United States government tackled the problem of drug abuse along with marijuana use. In 1937, the “Marijuana Tax Act” was passed and hemp was wrongly grouped with its cousin cannabis. This high taxation made the cultivation of hemp unattractive for the farmers. Then World War II happened - the United States realized the need for hemp in the war, so the government relaxed the rules and called it “Hemp for Victory.” Farmers were then encouraged to grow hemp again; nevertheless, post World War II, the high taxes were imposed again and as a result the industry died.

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A Doctor's Testimonial: Psoriasis Relief Found Only Through Alethiah

by Dr. Wendy Askew

Dr. Wendy Askew started using CBD oil to heal her psoriasis. Her journey has led her to become an advocate for Alethiah’s products. Here’s her story…

I was diagnosed with psoriasis after my first child was born in 1999. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes skin cells to multiple ten times faster than normal. The built up layer of skin cells organize into red bumps and silver scales replacing normal skin, most often on the back of the forearms, the knees or the scalp. While there are many treatments available, psoriasis has no cure.

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Patient-Doctor Q&A On Hemp Oil

by Dr. Everton A. Edmondson

There is a burst of public interest in the potential medical benefits of cannabis products. Many physicians are relatively unprepared for the onslaught of inquiries.  There is also much confusion in the United States spawned by relatively schizoid laws pertaining to cannabis — with individual states conflicting with federal statute, as well as varying levels of controlled substance scheduling tiers.  In the midst of these issues, where and to whom should patients go to get useful information and a reasonable plan of care?  Naturally, they seek out their physicians for advice.

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