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Research-driven formulas from the ground up, connecting customers, doctors and pharmacies

Alethiah was born out of a mission to bridge the gap in the cannabinoid industry, bringing the highest quality phyto-cannabinoid products to the public and medical community. Together with our Medical Advisory Board, we are reclaiming the industry using cutting-edge techniques and pushing it forward with the creation of the safest and most effective products.

One product does NOT fit all

Our services integrate traditional Western medicine and a holistic approach, and are designed to guide you through your wellness journey. Let’s find the cannabinoid products that work best for you.


Is hemp oil right for you?

We know it can be hard to navigate the ocean of information about cannabinoids. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to learn the truth, plain and simple.

Our collection of resources will help you decipher the science and benefits behind cannabinoids, discarding the stigmas and reclaiming the truth.

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Guiding you through your cannabinoid journey

It’s important to us to foster a collaborative relationship between the physician, patient and pharmacist. To support all three, we offer many services that help ensure positive therapy results.

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#1 Physician Preferred Hemp Oil Products

Dr. Wendy Askew

Obstetrics & Gynecology

“ Alethiah has given me back my healthy skin and self-confidence, both of which were in a steep decline after years of psoriasis and many high-risk treatments. ”

Mental-Health MD, working Full-Time

“ During my chemo week, I felt miserable. A physician friend told me to try Alethiah and that’s when my misery during treatment days ended. I could sleep deeply, had an appetite and have even started to have red cheeks again! ”

Dr. Rafael Justiz

Anesthesiology & Pain Management

“ I now have a trusted Hemp Oil product that my clinic offers my patients in pain…that actually helps them. ”