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CBD can seem overwhelming

We’re here to help

We know that it can be hard to navigate the cannabinoid industry. Buying a CBD product is only one step in the journey towards wellness. That’s why Alethiah provides services to guide you, keep you on track, and help you reclaim your best self. 

Wellness Advisors

Much more than a cannabinoid distributor, what makes Alethiah stand out is our unparalleled customer service and rare personal experience. Alethiah’s Wellness Advisors are highly-trained individuals serving patients, clinics and doctors. Allow one of our Advisors to guide you through ideal product selection for your individual needs and patient education on such topics like dosing.

Research and Clinical Trials

Led by our industry-leading Medical Advisory Board, Alethiah designs and oversees clinical trials. These trials help us to continue pushing forward our scientific understanding of cannabis and to ensure that we have the most up-to-date product formulations.

Data Management

Alethiah will soon offer a progressive app to help patients record their own health data. Studies have shown that patient outcomes are improved with the tracking and collection of therapeutic clinical data. 

Custom Treatment Plans

Your healing and endocannabinoid system are unique to you – no one’s alike. That’s why Alethiah’s formulations are ever-changing, impacted by our research findings and observations.  This is why research and clinical trials, as well as our data management app, are so integral to Alethiah’s overall process of surpassing the norm in the cannabinoid industry.